Hero, Book III Now Available!!




Hey, folks, the third and final installment of my Hero series is now available. In this series, a group of New York City cops are switched into the bodies of beautiful young women. The series follows their struggles to deal with being female as well as to bring the body swappers to justice. This is definitely a part of a series, and knowledge of the first two books is essential to really enjoy it. Check out the free sample, and this one is free to read for those who have Kindle Unlimited:















The Hero’s Journey: TG Style


When I began writing the first in my Hero series, I started off with a desire to marry Joseph Cambell’s theories as outlined in Hero with a Thousand Faces to genderfluid fiction.  I thought it would be interesting and fun to use the theory– which has served as the basis for an array of very successful movies from Star Wars to The Matrix to Knocked Up– and apply it to the case of a man who finds himself trapped in the body of a woman.

For those who aren’t familiar, Joseph Campbell was a scholar who decided to study all the world’s myths.  He was intrigued to discover that certain stories were told in every culture throughout history.  The names changed, the settings, but the essence of the stories was the same.

One of the most persistent was that of The Hero’s Journey.  You can find all kinds of sources out there on the particulars– here’s one—  but the core of the idea is that the hero’s journey is universal because it is all about growing up.  When the story starts, the hero is self-centered, selfish, dependent– like a child.  But, through the course of trials and revelations that occur on their adventure, they are transformed into someone who is other centered, independent– like a parent should be.  This story has universal appeal because everyone is either growing up or has grown up.

And so, I started my own story with a character, Pete O’Malley, who had been a tough guy cop, and now finds himself trapped in the body of a beautiful stripper.  Not only is he a woman– and this is a problem for a lot of reasons including the fact that he was an unconscious chauvinist– but he has also lost his status as an NYPD officer.   So, when the story starts, he is mired in a case of the poor mes, focused entirely on himself and his own struggles, and not worried in the least about how his actions and attitudes or even his sex-change– may be impacting other people.

I won’t say anymore about his journey here, but you can read it for yourself if you haven’t.  The story was meant as a stand alone story, but I found myself interested in the character of Pete as well as the others we meet along the way, and so I eventually wrote a sequel and a kind of flash sideways that explored how Pete’s partner dealt with his own sex-change and why his response was so much different than Pete’s.

In all the books, I wanted to have my characters discover their best, heroic selves as a result of their being turned into women, and in each case I felt the character’s personality would have an impact on how they adjusted and accepted or struggled against their new lives as well as their obligations.

I feel the Hero saga is among my best work, and as I finish the third book, I am excited myself to see how all of these characters continue their heroes journeys, and how those journeys transform and remake them into different and, in most cases, better people.


TG: Reality vs Fiction

Am I bad for transgender rights?

I often ask myself this question before publishing an ebook.  It mostly comes up for me when I write about sex, and when the sex includes other themes such as domination and humiliation.  Which is a lot.

Are my books giving TG a bad name?  Do they make it seem like it’s all about sex rather than the full spectrum of human identity?

Do my books re-enforce the notion that TG is abnormal?

No.  I don’t believe so.

So, why do I worry about it?  Well, for one thing, it speaks to my own lingering sense of being abnormal.   The feeling that the fantasies that play in my mind, and which as far as I know came to be unbidden, are not right.

Of course, one of the books that did more than anything to make me feel less self-conscious about it was Fifty Shades of Grey.  I never read the book, and that’s not just me being coy.  But I know that it was a book that had mainstream appeal, was made into a movie and included a lot of s/m bondage play.

I’ve seen surveys that show role-playing and submission/domination are among the most common fantasies among people.

In other words, the very same themes that come up in genderfluid or TG fiction are the themes that come up in all people’s fantasies.  They are the norm.  They are normal. People love to fantasize about being a slutty secretary, or an uptight nurse who gets taken on an operating table by a hot doctor.  Just look at how people dress on Halloween.

What would actually be weird and abnormal would be a story in which the characters never did anything but sex in the missionary position for the purpose of pro-creation.  Now that would be fucking weird.

This isn’t to say that all TG folks are into any particular thing.  It is only to say that everyone is into something regardless of where they fall on the sexual identity spectrum. It is only that many of us are taught through religious institutions or otherwise that sex is bad, and that kinky sex will get us sent to hell.  So people hide it from the world, even from themselves.




Hot. Little. Husband. Now Available!



I did it!  I published my latest ebook, and I tried something I have never done.  I wrote a story from the perspective of a woman who loves her husband and had no desire at all to see him forced to undergo a sex-change.

How would a hetero woman feel if the man she loved suddenly started turning into a female?  How would she react when she started turning into a man?  I explore how she feels about her own change, but I am also very curious how she relates to her rapidly feminizing husband as well as the other couple experiencing a gender swap.

It was a blast to write, and I can’t think of too much more to say about it other than check it out!  There’s a free sample!


http://www.amazon.com/Hot-Little-Husband-T-G-Cooper-ebook/dp/B01DREP1WC?ie=UTF8&*Vers ion*=1&*entries*=0

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http://www.amazon.co.jp/Hot-Little-Husband-English-Edition-ebook/dp/B01DREP1WC/377-14 81772-5337804?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0