Rey is Darth Vader (Spoilers)


Until the next movie comes out and clears up Rey’s origins, I am going to believe that Rey is Darth Vader reborn as a woman.

For those who haven’t seen the movie, stop reading now and go see it.  You really need to.

For those who have, here is my thinking:

Rey has many skills which she could not have learned as an abandoned child living as a scavenger on a wasteland of a planet.  She can pilot a space ship, for example, and when Finn asks her how she did it, she responds, “I don’t know.”

The answer?  Because she learned to pilot in her previous life. As DARTH VADER!

She also knows how to handle a light-saber.  She can fight with one so well, in fact, that she out duels the movie’s baddie, the leader of the Knight of Ren, Kylo Ren.  How could she be so good with a lightsaber without having ever held one before?

Because she learned to use one in her previous life as Darth Freaking Vader!

In addition to her Annakin Skywalker skillset, there are other scenes offering mysterious hints as to her origins.  Kylo Ren, when he tries to use to force to mind control her, senses a connection between them.  “Don’t be scared,” he says.  “I feel it, too.”  The nature of the connection is left vague, but my belief is that what he senses, and doesn’t yet realize, is that the young woman before him is none other than his grandfather, the man he idolizes and seeks to emulate.

Her fear of the light saber she once owned, her eventual claiming of same, the look of tragic sorrow in Luke’s eyes when they meet, a tragic sorrow informed by the fact that Luke knows she is his father– all of these things point Rey, whose name means “king” as Darth Vader.

How, then, could it have happened?  Rumors have been circulating for some time that Darth Plagueis, who had the power to create life, would appear in the next film.  There, it will be revealed that he brought Vader back to life in the shape of a female and hid him on Jakku to await the time when she could be called forth to embrace her heritage.

So, there you have it.  Rey is Darth Vader.   I’m not the only one who thinks so, by the way.   Check out this link: Vader is Chick Now

Okay.  Now, the truth is, I am sure this is all wishful thinking on my part.  I look for TG stuff everywhere!   In fact, my first thought was that she was Obi Wan Kenobi, given her accent.   I only switched it up because we hear Obi Wan speak to her during her vision and say, “Rey, you have taken your first step.”

In fact, I doubt the creators would want to muddle the story by introducing gender fluid elements into the film, or risk backlash from all the people rightfully praising Rey for being such a great character who happens to be female.   Were it suddenly revealed that she was once a man, that might be perceived as undermining her value as a role model.

However, I can assure you that when I went to watch the movie a second time, I pretended it was Darth Vader saying, “Why are you holding my hand?” as Finn tried to make him into a damsel in distress, and it was a lot of fun!

So, even if she doesn’t turn out to be he, go watch it again and pretend.  Everything is more interesting if you give it a gender fluid subtext!



5 thoughts on “Rey is Darth Vader (Spoilers)

  1. I don’t think that reincarnation exists in the SW universe.

    It’s more likely that she was either partially trained as a child and remembering old skills (unlikely given how young she is in the flashback scene), she’s a natural at Force manipulation to the point that she uses it unconsciously, or Kylo Ren epically failed his skill check so hard when he mind-probed her that he actually ended up giving her a glimpse into his mind and she learned at least the 101 versions of some Force powers.

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    1. The theory is not that Vader was reincarnated, but that Darth Plagius brought him back to life as Rey– a power that he was said to possess. Some people think that is Snoke’s true identity. As per my article, it is probably wishful thinking on my part because I would love for it to happen if nothing else so we can hear Rey say, “Luke, I am your father.”

      More likely is that her memories were wiped at some point, and that she is remembering skills and abilities that someone temporarily blocked from her knowledge for reasons yet to be revealed.

      Still, I prefer to think Vader is now a hot chick.

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      1. That would certainly be cool (if only to see the internet heads exploding because OMG Vader’s a Girl Ruined Forevers!!!1!),but sadly I can’t see JJ Abrams or Disney wanting to go in quite that direction.


  2. Interesting theory, but I personally believe Rey is Luke’s daughter, which I will give a couple points on, and will also give points on why I don’t think Plagius is in this trilogy.
    1) Luke’s lightsaber called out to Rey when she had that vision.
    2) She couldn’t be Han and Leia’s daughter because they wouldn’t have left her behind.
    3) The creators of Episode VII said Snoke is a new character, and thus can’t be Darth Plagius.
    4) The Sith are supposed to be extinct; Darth Maul, Vader and Palpatine were the last living members of the Sith.
    5) How could Snoke be Plagius even if 3) was incorrect? How long ago in the Star Wars timeline was Palpatine telling that story to Anakin, 60 years ago or more? I don’t care if he can bring back the dead, he’d have died before Episode VII and wouldn’t be able to bring himself back from death.
    6) Plagius might never have even existed at all. Palpatine was a master of the yarn and lies, he could have only been making up a story in an effort to (pull the old bait and switch) make Anakin believe something impossible, that it’s possible to bring back someone from the dead, and thus win Anakin over to his (the dark) side. Once he has Anakin completely under his yoke and power (and renamed Vader), he could then tell him the opposite/command him to never do as he wished, and that’d have been the end of it, whether Vader liked it or not.
    7) Even assuming Plagius is or was a real living person, and can bring people back from the dead, how could he have the power to change anyone’s gender like you suggest? If this was possible I believe we’d have seen evidence of it occurring previously in the official canon.

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  3. You make some strong points. I have my doubts about her being Luke’s daughter, though. First, just as you suggest that Han and Leia would not have left her behind on Jakku, I also don’t believe Luke would have abandoned his own daughter to scrape by as a scavenger on that craptastic dump of a planet. If he did, he would have to rate as one of the all time worst fathers ever.

    Snoke clearly has knowledge of the dark side, and Kylo and the Knights of Ren have a sith/vader fetish going, so it is still possible to my mind that Snoke, even if he isn’t a surviving sith, could have learned the secrets of the dark side, including, if it were true, the power to bring people back from the dead. I do agree, though, that Palpatine may well have been lying about that to lure Annakin to the dark side.

    Finally, Rey as Luke’s daughter seems too obvious to me, and i may be psyching myself out, but it just feels to me like JJ is pointing so much at the idea she is Luke’s daughter so there will be surprise when we find out she isn’t! Or maybe I am just wrong!

    Thanks for the thoughtful and interesting post!


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