Of Ribbons and Bows


Of Ribbons and Bows

Hey, all!  I just posted my latest ebook, Of Ribbons and Bows on Amazon.

I am especially excited because I decided to explore a different style of writing for this story. Usually, I write in what I consider a clear, direct and cinematic style influenced by writers like Ernest Hemingway and Stephen King.

With Ribbons and Bows, I decided to try two things.  One, I wanted to write in a more oblique style, allowing my reader to feel as confused as my protagonist.  He finds himself displaced, taken out of his element, surrounded by women.  He begins to have feminine urges and visions which confuse and terrify him, and I wanted to create a style that would leave the reader disoriented and confused.  I don’t explain everything, but just allow some mysteries to linger.

Secondly, I tried to make this work more atmospheric than previous works.  This whole book I wanted to surround and drown my reader like a thick, London Fog, to haunt their dreams with images that would resonate long after they finished reading.

Of course, I also wanted the book to be sexy, and so I wrote a series of hot sex scenes featuring the various characters, scenes in which bodies and genders blur, where they find themselves lost somewhere between male and female.  This book is all about the struggle for dominance, and the character’s bodies and minds shift and morph as they fluctuate between tops and bottoms.

Did any of it work?  Well, I put the book out there, and now it is up to the readers.   Check out a free sample at Amazon!

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