5 Questions with KannelArt


Hey, everybody!   It is my pleasure to bring to you my latest 5 questions interview, this one with the artist KannelArt whose drawings are among the most beautiful work to be seen in the field. I am a huge fan of Kannel’s work and so glad Kannel took the time to answer my questions!

What motivates you to create TG artwork?

I have always been interested by the subject, and I have been trying to find a way to make a life making art, which is what I love doing the most. At some point, I decided making TG art, and I got a really positive response. So, being able to make a life doing what I love working on a subject that is attractive to me is really motivating.

But there is something else that motivates me even more, and that is positive response and comments I got from people who enjoy my work. That really is what makes me want to keep doing TG art.

What are your top three TG experiences in terms of books, films, videos, songs?

TG experiences? Well… there aren’t many out there. I would say one of the top TG experience I had personally was SECOND LIFE, a PC game that can be pretty hardcore XXX! I learned a lot of things about TG, BDSM and other stuff. Good times!

I had to leave the place since it was also a big waste of time, still, don’t regret the time I expended there. 😛

Games can also provide a great TG experience. I do love TG games!  And, each of them can be a very good TG experience. For example, X-change, Cursed and ETO to name a few.

Sub/dom themes are celebrated in your work. I’m thinking specifically of Raan’s Doll and A Brand New World, particularly with the men learning to accept a submissive role. Talk about your interest in these themes.

I believe that is one of my favorite subjects when it comes to gender change: the power exchange that comes with it, for a supposedly alpha/dominant male to become a submissive female (or one expected to be). To place yourself or the reader in that position where you are kind of culturally forced to accept and adapt to your new self is something I find amusing.

When it comes to Raan’s Doll, the power exchange is more subtle. You can say Raan was always the dominant and Sammy the submissive, but now that they are starting to explore new things, they are also tending to move closer to their dom/sub sides.

Talk about your first experiences putting your TG artwork out into the world. What were your hopes, fears, concerns?

At first I was just doing it as a hobby. I didn’t have many fears and concern. I did have hopes though.

I really hoped people would like the stuff I was making. The first artwork I uploaded was “Unplanned Pregnancy”, a short sequence of a guy becoming a pregnant girl, and the response on that one was great, and soon after I did “That Ship just Sailed.” That one became very popular, being my most faved piece until recently, and it became the inspiration for me to make Raan’s Doll.

So… I guess I started with the right foot.

What has been most positive thing about creating and sharing your art?

Mmmh… not sure, bringing my ideas to life could be considered a positive thing, right? To be honest I just want to make what I want and bring my ideas to life (I do have many :P) and at the same time be able to entertain my readers. I have known that some people has been inspired by some of my works, specially the most serious ones (Raan’s Doll and Brand New World), so… that’s a positive thing, too !


Take a minute to tell us about upcoming projects!

Well, I got to say I’m very excited about Patreon, since it allows me to make things free to read for everyone! We are very close to reach one of the goals that will allow me to make 4+ pages every month! That’s almost an episode each month! And if keeps doing good, I will start a new comic there soon!

I have also been wanting to create a webpage and release a comic on my own. Hopefully that will happen before the end of this year.

Also, there are some surprises coming at TGComics as well! Most likely for next year!

A lot of projects at hand! So you will keep seeing stuff from me for a while 😛


Thanks so much for taking the time, Kannel.

Check out KannelArt’s work at the following places:

Kannel’s Deviant Art Page

Kannel’s Patreon Page

Kannel’s Work on TG Comics

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