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Hey, folks!   I am super-excited to publish 5 Questions with Mindifylth, the second installment in my series of interviews with TG artists!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

1. What motivates you to create books and videos, particularly with TG themes?

I’ve been transgender as long as I can remember. Growing up I was always looking for books and videos with TG transformation themes, and the stuff I could find usually didn’t quite work for me. The writing was bad or it didn’t go into the TG aspect as much as I wanted, it was never quite right. I was compelled to create the kind of stories I wanted to see.

I’d written a few stories before it suddenly clicked for me that I could make characters funny or quirky and the dialogue didn’t have to just be super-sexy all the time. That became a big goal for me, to make characters seem more “real” than you’ll find in most fetish fiction.

2. What are your top three TG experiences in terms of books, films, videos, songs?

Well, I’m assuming you mean TG fantasy stuff, as opposed to things about the TG experience in the real world. (For more realistic things, I lovedThe Crying Game, Ma Vie en Rose and Hedwig and the Angry Inch.) For really formative fantasy things, I’ll have to cheat a bit. There were TG transformation or body swap episodes of shows like Gilligan’s Island and The Munsters that were just electrifying when I saw them in reruns as a kid. I can’t just pick one, so I’ll lump them together as childhood TG TV. Your recent article on Jack L. Chalker’s novel The Identity Matrixreminded me how that book hit me like a nuclear bomb when I first discovered it. The web was new then and I hadn’t read a lot of TG fiction, and that book just blasts you with all kinds of kinky transformations. A classic! Finally I’ll say Transformation Into Beauty, a short Youtube animation where a guy on a subway train abruptly transforms into a bride in a big poofy dress, and there’s no explanation for it at all. I loved it so much, it inspired my story Changed into a Bride! The transformation in that video lingers on all the sexy details and it actually influenced how I write my stories. I take my time with the transformations and try to make the reader really feel all of the changes.

3. In your work, the characters frequently experience forced changes. Yet, I know you’ve mentioned that you also like to have happy endings. Can you talk about your interest in forced changes as well as the happy endings?

Well, in my mind very few of my endings are truly unhappy. If some jerky guy ends up a hot, horny bimbo, everybody’s better off! Even if he bitches about his change, I always make it pretty clear that he’s having a lot of sexy fun in his new life. I’m not truly sadistic by nature and I don’t want my characters to just suffer forever. Either they learn to accept their new lives, or they love it but can’t admit it to themselves.

I’ve written a couple of stories that were much more sweet and gentle, like I Changed into My Wife… and I’m Having Her Baby! and my novel He’s Stuck as a Schoolgirl, and it was satisfying to create characters who were more nuanced and likable. But I’ll never get tired of a good old Twilight Zone-esque twist ending where some creep pays for his bad behavior with a lifetime of bimbohood!

4. Talk about getting started as a TG artist. What were your hopes, fears, concerns?

My hope was that I could learn a living doing this, and so far that’s actually worked. I am so grateful for that and I will never take it for granted. My fear is that the whole thing is too good to last. Every time I see a tiny dip in sales I think this is it, everything is falling apart! I love what I do so much that I live in fear of it going away.

5. What has been most positive aspect of putting your work out there for the world to see?

Every time somebody tells me they liked one of my stories, it’s a thrill. I’ve also been through some really bad stuff the last couple of years, like I had cancer, and writing these stories has given me a wonderful way to escape and process some of these things. When I was sick and scared it was very healing to spend some time imagining what it would be like to be an invulnerable fembot, or to write about regressing in age and becoming healthy, little and cute. I strongly suggest creative hobbies as a way to cope with bad times. I don’t know how I would’ve gotten through 2014 without my stories!


6. You have a new book out. What can readers look forward to in this one?

My new story, My Wife Changed Me into Her Lover’s Penis: The Ultimate Cuckold Fantasy, is a real departure. There’s no TG, but we follow a man who’s been turned into a penis and we get into the details of what sex is like for him. I previously wrote an eBook called Changed into a Pussy, and it wasn’t one of my best sellers but people who were into that fetish really liked it. Hopefully people will feel the same about this one. Some of my stories are about character first and sexy transformation second, and some of them are flat-out smut. This is definitely one of the latter! It’s super dark and kinky and if folks enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed writing it, they are gonna have a great time.

Mindi’s Newest Book

4 thoughts on “5 Questions with Mindi Flyth

  1. A new book by Mindi Flyth? Cool!

    I’m planning to follow in Mindi’s TG self-publishing footsteps soon – and yours, Cooper, and Tom Tame’s! – (probably before Christmas this year). It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out for me. My 1st story seems to have about 200 people following it, as I post 1st drafts over on writing.com. Though 300k words (and growing) is perhaps a bit long for the genre. But it’s such fun to write, I can’t stop. Weird how a 20 bullet point outline just grew out of control.

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