5 Questions with Video Artist Lilac Wren

photoLilac Wren

Today I am thrilled to be posting the first of my 5 questions interviews with artists who create works that fall into the world of genderfluid art, this one featuring the video artist Lilac Wren, who has an extremely popular and fun channel on You Tube.

1. What motivates you to create videos, particularly with TG themes?

From a very early age, I was fascinated by the idea of MTF transformation. Even as a child, I remember having fantasies and coming up with story ideas involving changes and imagining myself in those scenarios. Of course growing up, it wasn’t something that I ever felt I could share with anyone, thinking that it was weird and even unacceptable. But it stayed with me and I was always on the lookout for material that fed this need. It wasn’t until years later that I started to come across sites like TGComics and World Of TG that I really realized that I wasn’t alone in my feelings and that there was a whole TG community out there. It was extremely gratifying to finally know that my fantasies weren’t unusual or obscure like I’d always thought.  Plus so much more TG material was revealed to me. Though when I first got started making videos, it was strictly due to a lack of TG videos available.  I’d been collecting a library of movies with transformations and, in a very short time, I quickly amassed everything I could find out there. Outside of the Asian market, there’s really not a ton of TG video material available. But after coming across some YouTube videos, in particular TGTales, it occurred to me to try piecing together my own videos since I had exhausted my search of existing movies. Then once I got a taste of it, I loved the creative aspect of it. In particular, it allowed me to tell stories that I really wanted to see, rather than having to wait for someone else to create them.  It’s wonderful to have the opportunity and a medium to express my imagination.

2. What are your top three TG experiences in terms of books, films, videos, songs?

First I’d have to say TGTales’ videos in general, since that YouTube channel was my first real experience with edited videos and by far my biggest push to try creating my own. But more specifically, I’d say videos like “Feminized Husband Game Show” and “Man or Woman Gameshow”, where new subtitles are added to foreign language footage to give it an entirely new spin.  The next would have to be an old adult movie I first saw years ago called “Dr. Jeckel and Ms. Hide (1990)”. Outside of my own imagination, it was one of my earliest experiences in media with TG and definitely my first with adult content. If you can get past the dated look of it, I highly recommend checking it out. The lead played by Ashlyn Gere does a fantastic job of portraying the confusion and reluctance of the change, as well as the discovery, delight and opportunities that come with her new body. Don’t get me wrong though. It’s all played for comedy still, but it’s nicely done, particularly for a porn film. The third is much more recent. It’s a story by Minikisa on TG Storytime called “Of Heroes And Villains”. I read a lot of TG fiction, some good some bad. Minikisa’s work is very well-written. It’s funny, sensitive, inciteful, with great characters and pacing. And this particular story is based in a world of superheroes, which is just a plus for me. But what really sets it apart for me is the overall plot. Many times writers of TG fiction, including myself, fall into the trap of having the TG transformation and its aftermath be the entire story. That’s great in many cases and certainly works as a standalone story. But with Minikisa, even though the transformation is central and crucial to the plot, it’s just part of the overall story. There’s much more going on with character development and the overall story arc, making it not just a great TG story, but making it a great story, period.

3. The dynamic in a forced change like “A Taste of His Own Medicine” or “Female Transformation PSA” seems very different to me than in videos like Clothing’s Impact on Behavior, where the character agrees to the change.  How is the writing experience different for you in these two different kinds of changes?

I’ve never been comfortable with the term “forced” when it comes to the themes in my work. Particularly with the sexual content in many of them, that term can bring really horrible and unwanted connotations, even though “forced” is being used to describe the transformation specifically and not anything else. I know it’s splitting hairs but I much prefer a term like “involuntary”.  And although the forced fem theme is very frequent across TG material, that humiliation aspect of MTF isn’t really my thing. I always see the change as being positive, even if the subject of the change doesn’t necessarily see it that way, at least initially anyway. And that sort of goes to the root of how I generally treat the two scenarios differently when writing them. With an involuntary transformation, the situation would obviously be difficult for the subject of the change, so it makes it more interesting to write that turmoil they’re feeling. With a voluntary change, there’s no opportunity to write that same emotional difficulty. And even though with both scenarios, there’s still the opportunity to write about the discovery that comes with the transformation, the involuntary ones allow for a better sense of learning and revelation.

4. Talk about getting started as a TG artist. What were your hopes, fears, concerns?

I’d actually been creating my own videos for a year or two before I started posting them online on my site and, other than an occasional miss that I scrapped entirely, I was fairly happy with the outcome of them myself. So since they were strictly for me, I didn’t have any real concerns while creating them. Although there was always some fear of them being revealed and discovered by my real life, since I’d never shared that aspect of my life with anyone before. However things changed once I decided to start posting them online. Then of course, the biggest concern was whether people would think I was a freak for creating videos like this, particularly due to the adult content. I had no idea if there would be an appetite for this kind of material or if people might even be offended by it. I’d never shared them with anyone before so I’d had no feedback at all. I’d hoped that there would be others out there who were looking for more TG videos just like I was, but I just didn’t know for sure. Plus there was very little re-edited TG video content available, and no edited adult content that I knew of, so there wasn’t really a way knowing how it would be accepted. And getting beyond that, even though I was reasonably happy with my work, there was always the chance that people would think it was terrible. But in the end, I decided it was worth risking to see if, like me, there were others out there who wanted this kind of thing.

5. What has been most positive aspect of putting your work out there for the world to see?

On my TG Creation site, I still can’t believe the response I’ve received after all these years. The comments have been almost entirely positive and my page views have continued to grow. Even during times that I haven’t been as productive, I’ll get comments asking for more. It’s really been incredibly encouraging to know not only that my work can bring entertainment to people, but also that I’m not alone in enjoying these types of video fantasies. On YouTube, it’s kind of a different story. A large portion of the comments I get there are complaining about how my videos are fakes, which gets a bit frustrating since I’ve always stated clearly in the notes that they were fictional, not to mention the amount of times I’ve had to reply that way to the comments too. However of the positive feedback there, the most rewarding for me has been from members of the transgender community. Not that the comments are all supportive but, for my stories to mean something to someone living, and potentially struggling, through real-life changes to become the person they were meant to be, it certainly puts the petty comments bashing into perspective and makes putting up with it far more worthwhile.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Check Lilac Wren’s Channel

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