Shame, Guilt and Forced Fem


He’s Krystal Kinsey

Why do I love reading stories which portray cross-dressing and feminization as humiliation? Why would someone who sometimes chooses to wear women’s clothes, who has many friends who perform as drag queens, love, and I do mean LOVE, to read stories in which these things are portrayed as the most horrible things that could ever happen to a man?

The Forced Feminization story remains among the most popular and enduring sub-genres within the TG fiction world.  In these stories a man who has no interest in cross-dressing or becoming a woman finds himself forced to dress, act and become either a she-male or a female. Often, the stories feature a sexist womanizer who gets punished for his ways, frequently by a vengeful female.  The males suffer shame, humiliation, embarrassment, horror.   The women who victimize them revel in sadistic glee as the men are stripped of all signs of their swaggering masculinity.

So what makes these stories work?  When I remember my earliest feminine fantasies and explorations, I remember feeling humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed just thinking about girl stuff. Multiply those feelings by 1000 on the occasions I got caught.  So, for me, the emotional core of forced feminization stories mirrors the emotional core of my own journey. But wait, some might say.  No one forced you to drool over dresses and skirts.  You chose that path.

Well, it didn’t feel that way at the time, and it still doesn’t.   In fact, the operative word in my mind was No!  No!  NO!  I knew liking girl things was WRONG, and that it would lead other kids to laugh at me, that it would cost me the regard of my parents. I was horrified by my feminine urges.  I desperately wanted to NOT BE what I was, and yet I couldn’t stop.  In other words, the experience for me was very much as if I were being forced, against my will, by some strange force inside of me, and when that force won out, it was smug and satisfied, and it felt a thrill of pleasure as the boy that I was who’d been screaming no… no… no… put on that dress.  That feminine power within me reveled in glee, just like the “villains” in so many forced fem stories.  I was both the guy who fought being feminized, and the gleeful female determined to make it happen.

I felt like I was being forced into femininity by my own mind.

In my latest story, He’s Krystal Kinsey, I explore this dynamic in what I like to think of as a Lured Feminization story.  I do have the alpha woman, Adan Karline, who wants to feminize a straight man, and my main character does not want to be a woman, but Adan is a subtle seductress who lures the male into his new life, rather than overtly forces him as  an act of dominance.  I have explored the forcible kind before– where the man is forcibly femmed either through blackmail, kidnapping or in a more violent way.  But in this story I decided to make it more sneaky, to make Adan more like that feminine force in my brain who made me want what I so terrible feared.

In He’s Krystal Kinsey, Adan convinces Arthur that he can get all of the things he craves; fame, popularity, esteem, wealth, by becoming more feminine.  Arthur desperately wants to be famous with all that involves, and so he allows himself to gradually be feminized by Adan who intends, ultimately, to convince Arthur to get a sex-change and live as woman and her lover.

What are you willing to do for fame?  Adan asks Arthur when they first meet.  “Anything,” he replies, and that becomes the basis of his relationship with her, and with himself.

Check it out at Krystal Kinsey

One thought on “Shame, Guilt and Forced Fem

  1. I think for me, the attraction of that angle is that the loss of control absolves the protagonist of guilt. It maybe makes it easier to identify and enjoy since you’re “unwillingly” being taken for the ride. For me, the beauty of the female I think is what draws me in. Maybe I feel envious of that strange seductive power. I don’t know. I’ve wracked my brains over the Why for donkey’s years, and still haven’t worked it out. I remember reading about autogynephilia and thought “Yup, that’s exactly me.” And then found there was a huge controversy around it, as people with other gender stances refused to accept that it was a genuine thing, and was just a misguided attempt to sexualize or rationalize a perversion. For myself, I think it goes a lot deeper than that, and that human beings, especially in the sexual dimension, are far more complex than anyone has realized.

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